“Our paraplanning process centres around the evolving requirements of a St. James’s Place adviser. Our main objective is to deliver an efficient paraplanning service, covering everything from data gathering to business approval. We are committed to providing trusted and efficient support that allows you to focus entirely on guiding your clients toward financial success.”


Our paraplanning process revolves around addressing the dynamic requirements of a St. James’s Place adviser. Our primary goal is to deliver an effective paraplanning service, covering everything from data gathering to business approval. This tailored approach frees up your time and focus, empowering you to dedicate more attention to fostering productive client relationships. We’ve adapted and refined our methods through the development and integration of our bespoke case management system. Our esteemed reputation within the St. James’s Place partnership attracts skilled paraplanners and administrators, ensuring a consistently high-quality service for an expanding network of partners and advisers. Explore our process below.









Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax

Annual Review Letters

Annual Review Letters

Letter of Authority Only Administration Service

Letter of Authority Only Administration Service

1. Case Handed Over

In order to facilitate a smooth case transition to our team, we kindly request the submission of the following documentation and information. Upon receiving your case handover, we commit to promptly acknowledging its receipt and addressing any inquiries you may have within one working day.

To initiate the handover process, please ensure completion of the relevant handover document, which can be accessed on our website under ‘Services & Forms’. Once completed, please then forward this document to We would also request you grant us the access we require on iBusiness using P32096 (Carl Miller), followed by the necessary completion of the CFR on Sales Force.

Furthermore, please include a copy of the Letter of Authority (LOA) sent to the provider/s, along with all ceding information that has been gathered thus far. Any additional supporting documents pertinent to the case are also appreciated.

Thank you for your cooperation in providing these essential materials to facilitate a seamless transition.

2. Ceding Information Checked

Our administrative team will review the ceding information you’ve gathered within two working days of your case handover being recorded in our system.

3. Additional Information Requested

Should additional information be necessary, our team will promptly reach out to the provider, requesting the details we are missing whilst keeping you informed of the expected timelines for receipt. If the information does not arrive by the date anticipated, we will contact the provider/s to chase this. We diligently track the requested information until it is received, and you will receive email notifications each time we follow up or receive updates.

4. Case Assessment

After gathering all the necessary information, a thorough final check will be conducted. Subsequently, our administrative team will place the case in the queue for a paraplanner to address within a period of 5 working days. You will receive an email confirmation once this process is initiated.

5. Obtain Permission to Proceed to Full Advice

If necessary, a Critical Yield Calculation will be conducted and provided to you, along with any additional inquiries the paraplanner may have concerning the case.

6. Illustration and Advice Set

The illustration will be prepared in accordance with the advice provided, and sent to you for confirmation to ensure all details are accurate.

7. Suitability Letter

The completion of the suitability letter will be carried out.

8. Partner Approval

Upon completion of the Suitability report, it will be sent to you for your review to ensure your satisfaction before submitting the case.

9. Submitted for Approval

The case is forwarded to Business Assurance. If any remedial work is necessary, it will be promptly addressed while maintaining communication with the checker.

10. Approval Obtained

Once completed, the case undergoes approval from the case checker to validate the quality of the presented information.